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Aeris Swoppster

The children's swivel chair for the little big ones.


The Aeris Swoppster is suitable for children of kindergarten and primary school age and is height adjustable (15kg-50kg, up to a height of 160cm). Its movement dimensions promote physical and mental development, as movement has been proven to increase concentration and enhance learning. This ergonomic children's desk chair makes healthy and active sitting possible from the very beginning. With its selection of different colors, the children's swivel chair is an eye-catcher in any child's room. Choose from colorful seat covers and a white or black frame and configure the Swoppster in your child's favorite color.

The breathable cover of the Aeris Swoppster in pink is easily removable and even washable. The castors of the white frame can also be exchanged for glides (included) if necessary and thus easily converted into a children's desk chair without castors.

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Aeris Swoppster Fun Intro

The children's swivel chair that makes fun.

The child does not want to sit still? Fortunately! Because it's natural for children to fidget. With the Aeris Swoppster, sitting still is out of the question. The ergonomic children's desk chair was specially designed for the movement needs of children of kindergarten and primary school age.
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The desk chair for children that promotes healthy sitting from the very beginning.

Movement promotes neuronal networking in the brain and thus mental development. Due to the three-dimensional mobility of the Swoppster to the front, to the side and vertically (up and down movement), the brain is better supplied with blood and oxygen. So you can concentrate much better on learning and have more fun doing it. What was that again? 2 x 3 makes 4 ... widdewiddewitt ...
Aeris Swoppster Intro 02_small.jpg?v=1677069406

True 3D technology from Aeris

Why you don't need a backrest with true 3D motion.

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Convex seat

The convex seat of the children's swivel chair avoids sitting in recessed seats (and thus pressure points and "hunched backs") and automatically ensures an upright and thus ergonomic sitting position.

Grows with your child

The Aeris Swoppster is continuously height-adjustable and thus easily grows with the child. In addition, the mobility (lateral flexibility) can be individually adjusted as desired and the spring tension (vertical swing) can be individually adjusted to the body weight (up to 50kg).

Simple height adjustment

The lever for height adjustment is located under the Swoppster seat and is effortlessly accessible: Each child can thus set his or her own favorite seat height between 32 and 47.5 cm.

Stable foot ring

The children's swivel chair is initially delivered with castors and is tilt-resistant and stable. The scope of delivery also includes glides that can be exchanged for the castors if necessary.


The genuine Aeris 3D technology in the Swoppster ensures that children can freely follow their natural urge to move, even when sitting, and encourages active posture changes. This keeps children more alert and focused. Unless their little brother is already telling his favorite joke again, the one he told yesterday. And the day before yesterday...

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Dr. Dieter Breithecker, movement scientist
"The Aeris Swoppster promotes the mental and physical development of children."
Federal Working Group for the Promotion of Posture and Physical Activity e.V.
"In an excellent way, active-dynamic sitting is made possible by the infinitely adjustable Swopper for children."

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