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Aeris Muvman Industry

The work chair where productivity begins when long periods of standing end.


The Muvman Industry is ideal for work activities that must be performed mostly in a standing position. The work chair brings the greatest possible ergonomics to the workplace and is specially designed for use in production on the assembly line, in assembly and in the laboratory.

The standing chair makes it possible to work alternately in a sitting and standing or standing-sitting position, relieves the strain on the legs and ensures a back-friendly, upright and forward-leaning working posture - all without "hunching over".

- robust material
- resistant to most chemicals and disinfectants

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Aeris Muvman Industry: robust and comfortable at the same time.

The Aeris Muvman Industry is a work chair that combines ergonomics with a large gripping and movement space. It is therefore perfect for many production sites. The adaptable seat made of integral foam with Flexzone Technology avoids pressure points and ensures good blood circulation up to the tips of the toes. Under the base of the Muvman Industry are anti-slip glides that protect the floor and always give the user a secure grip while working in motion.

With friendly sizes.

The Muvman Industry is infinitely height-adjustable: for every body size and work surface height, sitting and standing, individually and quickly. Thanks to its low weight and integrated handle, the ergonomic work chair can also be moved from A to B very easily. This makes it flexible to use.


The industrial chair brings the greatest possible ergonomics to the production workplace. The multidimensional movement element of the Muvman Industry opens up a wide range of movement and gripping space for the occupant, which is needed in production and assembly, but also in the workshop. The robust materials (seat made of integral foam, base and seat support made of aluminum) and the good cleanability of the industrial chair meet the high requirements for industrial production equipment.


Thanks to its pre-sloped column and adaptable front seat edge, the Muvman Industry relieves the strain on the back during typical laboratory working postures. The excellent and certified cleanability make the work chair the optimal product for use in laboratories. The integral foam seat has a compact design and is resistant to most chemicals and disinfectants.

ESD workstation

With its conductive comfort cushion, conductive coated aluminum parts, volume-conductive glides and cross-component discharge, the Muvman Industry ESD prevents electrostatic charging at electronics workstations. The industrial chair is thus ideal for ESD workplaces. (Dissipation and surface resistance = 106 Ω).


Its ergonomic and health benefits make the Aeris Muvman Industry the production tool of choice for equipping cleanroom workstations. And of course, this work chair is also electrostatically dissipative and complies with the EN 61340-5-1 standard.


The Muvman Industry is also suitable as a workshop chair and promotes ergonomically healthy sitting and standing. Due to its low weight, the chair can be used flexibly in the workshop - especially where a lot of work is done standing up. The workshop chair is comfortable, robust, durable and easy to clean. So nothing stands in the way of productive work.

Keeping your composure - With any size

The Muvman Industry is suitable for any body size and work surface height for sitting and standing. The industrial chair is available in two variants (Standard and High), both of which are height adjustable. We recommend the High variant from a height of 185cm.

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Dietlind Walger-Hutter, Product Development Aeris gmbh
"Our ambition in developing the Muvman Industry: to achieve a precision landing in design, function and quality."

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