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Our movement

Aeris is driven by the desire to develop products and concepts that keep the body moving all day long. keep the body moving throughout the day.

Sounds like a workout and a strenuous training method? training method?

Not at all! The opposite is the case. Because all the movements that produce these positive health effects the body does all by itself, without us having to motivate ourselves to do so.

What we mean by true 3D technology.

For us, 3D has nothing to do with movie screens, glasses and popcorn. We're talking about motion capabilities in all three dimensions: Forward and backward, left and right, and - unique to Aeris - movement into the third dimension, up and down. This is particularly important because it deepens breathing, stimulates metabolism, promotes muscle development and keeps the intervertebral discs well nourished.

In short, active seating with Aeris 3D Technology has a similar effect on the body as casual walking. walking. The muscles are constantly exercised. And it does this by itself, without us having to do anything actively. do anything. This is how


Up and down

Not only do internal organs vibrate in a natural rhythm, the intervertebral discs are also kept fit by the loading and unloading. Their metabolism works like that of a sponge: when the load is relieved, the nutrient fluid surrounding them is sucked in, and when pressure is applied, it is released again. Since the loading and unloading points change constantly during movement, the intervertebral discs are better supplied when there is a lot of movement than when there is little. This prevents and can alleviate back pain.

The kidney, for example, moves up to 10 cm with the rhythm of breathing. It needs this up and down to function well. This movement is missing when sitting statically. So the kidney shuts down its performance, which logically affects the entire body.


To the left and to the right

From the hip you move through the lateral deflection. This allows you to reach quite far and the back always remains straight. Even when you a cookie from the person next to you in the office.

"The 3D technology Aeris developed for the Aeris Swopper 25 years ago is what we owe our undisputed leadership in moving seating to. Because virtually everyone can feel how good it does."


Back and forth

The forward tilt of the pelvis keeps the back straight. straight. This enables deep breathing and keeps and keeps the circulation going. The secret is the joint close to the floor, which allows the entire upper body to tilt entire upper body to the work surface.

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