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Aeris Oyo

Rarely has a rocking chair and its owner been in such good shape.


Whether as a visitor chair for office and meeting rooms or as a rocking chair for home. With its elegant design and saddle seat, the Aeris Oyo cuts a fine figure anywhere. It offers a completely new seating concept and convinces not only functionally, but also ergonomically. This modern rocking chair keeps everyone moving and encourages different sitting positions - forward, sideways or backward. Thanks to its curved shell shape with integrated backrest, the Oyo invites you to linger in comfort. Configure your favorite Oyo from two different frame colors and colorful fabric covers.

The polyester cover Nexus convinces with its elegant, net-like structure. The fabric offers high seating comfort, is easy to clean, durable and even breathable, making it the perfect choice for meeting rooms.

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Felt (Luna, Gabriel)
  • light gray mottled
  • dark gray mottled
Polyester (Nexus, Camira)
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Black frame

Polished glossy frame

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Summary of your selection
Oyo felt (Luna, Gabriel)

Luna cover is a mottled wool fabric that not only looks good, but also provides optimal and soft seating comfort. The fabric is stain resistant, easy to clean and therefore particularly easy to maintain.

Oyo Polyester (Nexus, Camira)

The polyester cover Nexus convinces with its elegant, stylish and fine net-like structure. It offers a high seating comfort, is easy to clean, durable and even breathable.

Why Select
Capture is a lightly felted and multi-colored wool fabric combining softness, stretch and strenght. It fuses light and dark colors to a refined melange patternin subtle nuances, which add richness and depth to the design.
Aeris Oyo Intro 01_small.jpg?v=1677069119

The first rocking chair that moves us - and not the other way around.

Aeris Oyo is the world's unique combination of rocking chair, saddle chair and cantilever chair and invites versatile sitting positions: Sitting comfortably facing forward, sitting sideways or even backwards with the backrest in front of the chest. No matter in which position, the loose rocking relaxes and lets you forget the stress of everyday life.
Aeris Oyo Intro 02_small.jpg?v=1677069122

Aeris Oyo is love at first seat.

The rocking chair combines design with high functionality. Its curved shell shape welcomes its owners as if with a hug. The rocking movement promotes oxygen supply and blood circulation and thus also increases concentration - and of course fun: The rocking chair for the upper mind.
Aeris Oyo Intro 02_small.jpg?v=1677069122

Rocking chair with three sitting positions

The swing chair allows different sitting positions: Forward, sideways and backward. A seating concept that invites you to move more and still relax.

Seat to feel good

The five-centimeter thick foam cushion under the cover of the rocking chair provides the right comfort. The saddle seat supports an upright sitting posture, quite automatically - sitting like on the back of a horse.

Universal skids for all floors

The skid frame of the rocking chair is suitable for smooth floors as well as carpets. For particularly sensitive floors, you can use the included fleece tape, which is attached under the runners. Thus, the floor remains protected and the rocking chair keeps its safe stand.

The Aeris Oyo looks good everywhere

At home, in meeting rooms, in lounges, at the dining table or as a clothes rack in the bedroom. With its saddle seat, curved backrest and sled base reminiscent of the classic cantilever chair, the Oyo cuts a fine figure anywhere. Each of our rocking chairs is handmade with great care and precision in our manufactory in Germany.

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Sina Möller, Social Pedagogue (B.A.)
"The ability to move flexibly on the Aeris Oyo makes it possible to maintain concentration for longer periods of time."


Martin Ballendat

Designer Martin Ballendat Oyo

"I look for independence and personality for a piece of furniture. And am an aesthete at heart with high standards." With the Oyo, Martin Ballendat has created a perfect symbiosis of a traditional rocking chair and a modern and shapely design. The rocking chair, which has won design awards, also offers a high degree of functionality. Its curved shape is perfectly set off by the beautiful colors and fabric options. The designer rocking chair creates a cozy atmosphere in any living and office situation.

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